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It would be great to add the ability to minimize the collections on the mobile app (I am personally using Android).


The website allows this and it is awesome - I would love the ability to do it in the mobile app as well. 


Use case: I have have multiple collections on a page with many cards in each and only want to see one section. Currently I have to scroll through all the cards to get to the applicable sections. It would be great to just click on the section to minimize/maximize them to quickly see what is wanted



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    Thank you for submitting this @gatormain. I am assigning to our product manager @codysmith to review and comment.




    Re-assiging to our product manager @Court to review and comment.



  • Piggy backing on this suggestion, cards that I have on the smallest size selection don't show that way on the app, they show medium size.  Not sure this is related, but I would like to be able to keep those on the smallest view.

  • @SEC - that does sound like it could be another enhancement.


    Currently, the mobile app doesn't seem to carry over any of the size attributes. Instead, they have an option to have the entire page be shown as 'Medium card view' or 'Small card view'. Having a third option such as 'Page defaults' (or something named better) could be nice if you want the page to use what is setup on the web app's card options. 


    Also, it looks like the 'Small card view' cards on the app are more similar to Medium cards and 'Medium card view' cards are more similar to Large cards. It may be nice to have the mobile app be similar to the web app, where the small ones only show the Summary number and then have the 'Small card view' become 'Medium card view' and 'Medium card view' become 'Large card view'. (then possibly add that fourth option you requested)


    I'm not sure how all that would look together on mobile - some good development could probably still make it look clean.


    It might be best to submit a new Idea so it can be seen easier by other Dojo users and can be liked to potentially be reviewed and implemented by the Domo team.


    NOTE: I am only speaking for my Android app - not sure if iOS is different, but I would hope they are the same

  •  Just put it out there.  Thanks for the suggestion.

  • @gatormain & @SEC my name is Court and I'm the Product Manager for our mobile applications. Thank you for your feedback! I'd love to jump on a call with each of you and walk through your use cases. Is this something you would be interested in? 

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