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I'm working within the drilldown design. the default last level of the drilldown is the Dataset Table View. When i drill to that view, the columns are ordered differently than in the dataset or dataflow. is there any way to force the order of these columns in this view?

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  • gatormain
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    One possible option I can think of off the the top of my head is to add an additional view that is a table. Sort the columns as you would like and select the option to prevent going into that last view.


    When editing the card, the table option (or heatmap) allows arranging the columns however you want and can keep certain ones omitted

    Table View.PNG


    editing drill path, the option to prevent the last view is on the far right of it:

    Prevent drilling.PNG


  • I had that same thought, but I like the idea of showing the 'raw' dataset in whatever form it takes. But you're right in your suggestion, I'll mark it solved. I'd still like to understand why the order is changed for this view from what's in the dataset...

  • I think it may have to do with whatever the previous drilldown paths are. It may be different in your case, but I notice the columns order change based on it.


    For example, say I have 3 columns in a card via a file that has many columns: Event (column 3 - Y axis), Region (column 5 - the Series), and Year (column 8 - the X axis). If I drill into it to the last page where the raw data is, it has a filter for Region and Year at the top. It will default those fields to the first two columns. And even when those filters are removed, it stays that way. 


    That is the only possible "reason" I can think of, but somebody else may have a better idea, I am still fairly new.


  • I understand that the first few columns are related to the primary data on the underlying card.  However, I would like to permanently move 'quantity invoiced' next to 'invoice amount'.  Is it possible that the order is based on the webform used by the stacker?

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