Because we're also using PowerBI in our enterprise, I'm constantly being asked how to do somethign that exists in Domo in PowerBI and vice-versa. 


I have a couple of feature questions along this line. 


1) Is it possible to set up a 'slicer' that gives you checkboxes for 'Small, Medium Large' or '2013,2014,2015,2016' that, once you've selected what you want (Medium, 2015), filters all the cards on the dashboard with just that data? I know you can turn on the Analyzer on a page, but is there any way to have that on by default?



2) along the same vein, is it possible to have two cards-- one showing a graph, one showing raw data, click on one of the bars on the graph and have the raw data card change to show just that data? Again, I can see analyzer being used to do this, but wondering if it can be done just with a click on a graph. 


thank you. 

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  • DennisL
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    I'll answer my own question. It is possible to turn on the analyzer and set up filter categories for a page. This will be on when another user goes to that page. Its not exactly the same as a 'slicer,' but it does allow the user to see that they have the option to filter data. However, they can also set up additional filters, or filter on any value in the filters that are set up; one nice feature about being able to 'design' filters is that the designer can control the paths the user goes down.


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