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Hello, I just wanted to throw out a few ideas\suggestions.


1. Enable a kind of auto show\hide function for the main menu bar. (Offer a pushpin to lock in place)

-The reasoning behing this is to minimize the amount of screen realestate that it takes up. (over 1.5" currently on a 27" 1080 resolution screen) *And I do realize there's a fullscreen button on the cards.


2. Middle-Clicking a card to open a new tab.

-I find myself and see others needing to duplicate a tab just to open a card in a separate view when using two screens or simple side-by-side comparisons. Enabling a link for the cards would save several clicks\time.


3. Buzz is extremely noisy and appears to lack a purge function to dump all conversations. Also, it appears to be pinning communications that I have never been apart of which requires user clicks to "undo" an action I didn't request in the 1st place.

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