Dynamic Aggregate Percentage Calculation on Sumo Cards?



If there are no plans for it already, may we include dynamically calculated fields on Sumo cards?


We currently have a Sales view that has percentages based on totals from other columns. The percentages are calculated in the dataflow, and has to be done in a very precise manner for each percentage for a given grouping to be accurate(i.e, we have a lot of columns).


I would like to suggest having the calculation moved to the Sumo card functionality so that when the data perspective is rearranged the percentage columns are recalculated based on the order of the new values instead of just summed together. We would be able to select the 2 columns that have the values, and then whenever the values of the columns are grouped and categorized, the dynamic field would reflect the changes.


Please see the attached images as reference for the suggestions.  





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