Can a page owner determine the card size displayed on that page for all users?

Only certain levels of permissions can set/change card sizes, yet as page owner it does not look like I can force cards to be a certain size for my users.


I have the cards sized individually, the same size is selected in the page's wrench menu, and the page is locked..yet users see small cards when I see large cards.



Please submit this as an enhancement, or clue me in as to how to control for this. Thanks!

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    Thank you for submitting this @RobynLinden. I am assigning to our product manager @mattchandler to review and comment.

  • @RobynLinden thanks for pointing this out.


    Currently, we syncronize size changes on a per card basis.  We do not sync on a page level basis though.  You could, as a work around, manually change each card size on your page (if there are not a lot of cards).


    This is something we are aware of and currently working to resolve in the near future.




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