can I set fixed color to series in stacked bar chart?

I created a stacked bar chart card which has 5 series in it. then I assigned color to each series. but when I selected only 3 series the colors that are assigned to series would change. Is there any solution to assing fixed color to series independent if they are selected or not.


for example if we have 3 series for different cateogry of cars and their sales:


sport car --- > Red

Sedan -- > blue

SUV --- > orange


then if user selects just sport car and SUV, the SUV color becomes blue instead of keeping its original value orange.


can anyone help me to solve this issue?

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    Colors in KPI cards, like bar or line charts, are assigned by either the order of the column added to the card or the order of a value appearing in a particular column, but not the value in column itself.

    In other words, the vehicle type "Sedan" cannot by itself always be assigned to the color red, but if "Sedan" always appears as the first value in a series and the first series is assigned to red in the chart properties, then "Sedan" will indirectly always be red.  Sometimes, though, it's hard to enforce series values to always appear in the same order.


    We ran into this when I was working with a particular vendor where, despite the chart type or page location, their branding portfolio required that brand X always needed to be red, brand Y always needed to be blue, and brand Z always needed to be green.  Domo could be better in this regard.  Search the Ideas Exchange for this feature and if it isn't there, make sure to add it.

    MajorDomo @ Merit Medical

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