Is there an email sent out of new questions asked in the Dojo?

Is there a way to subscribe to an email of the current questions and answers being discussed in the DOJO?  It seems it would be easier to know what is being currently discussed if something was sent out daily/weekly.  It may also result in more answers to the questions that are being posed.

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    This is a great question!


    You can subscribe to specific conversations and/or conversation boards via subscriptions. You can read more by clicking on the help link. I am pasting the details here. Every post you are a part of will get a notification. The below applies to conversations you have not participated in.


    How do I use subscriptions?

    Subscriptions let you get email updates whenever new content appears in an area of the community that you're interested in. You can subscribe to a board, a blog article, an idea exchange, or any other location in the community. You can also subscribe to a specific post.

    To subscribe a piece of content:

    1. Go to the item you want to subscribe to.
    2. To subscribe to a location, click (Location) Options > Subscribe to this ....
      To subscribe to a specific post, go to the post and click (Post) Options > Subscribe to this ...


    To view and manage your subscriptions:

    1. Go to My Settings > Subscriptions & Notifications.
    2. Click My Subscriptions to see a list of the items you've subscribed to.
      You can click a subscription to go to the item.
    3. To delete a subscription, click the check box for the subscription and click Email Subscription Options > Delete Selected Subscriptions.

    Let me know if you have any more questions.



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    Are you still signed in to the Dojo?


    I checked the permissions and your account and it should work fine.


    Go to the New to Domo board.


    In the Options drop down select "subscribe", if you want to subscribe in the future then unsubscribe would show up as a choice in the drop down once you are subscribed. Let me know if this works.





  • I tried setting up a subscription for the New to Domo feed and get an error. 

  • Thanks.  I'm all set now!

  • Glad I could help, please keep the Dojo feedback coming! Be sure to check out Domo Dojo Day next week, let your colleagues know about it too!