Schedule dataflows instead of only being dependent on input sources

Would like to have the opportunity to schedule Dataflow outputs, instead of renewing them every time the input sources are renewed.


i.e. I use a dataflow to calculate a snapshot for every wednesday. Instead of updating this source with every update of the input (which might be every hour), I'd like to schedule it for every thursday morning.



Rosanne Broersma
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  • Thank you for your suggestion.  This has been submitted to our engineering team through ticket DOMO-47889.

  • Great suggestion! That woudl be a great improvement—it is on our backlog under the ticket listed above.

    Matt Chandler
  • Great suggestion, that would be a great improvement to DataFlows.

    Matt Chandler
  • This would be very useful for companies that run a number of large dataflows off of the same datasources.

  • @RosanneBroersma I just wanted to add that, while we build out this functionality, you could make a DataSet that updates every Wednesday and use that as the triggering DataSet for the DataFlow

    Matt Chandler
  • Hi guys,


    is there any update on this topis?




  • hey, any update on this?


    just to add, hope the dataflow will have similar update options like the regular datasets

    ie once a day, every hour, every 6 hours etc


    sometimes the "latest" version of one of the datasets in the dataflow is not included in the latest run of dataflow

  • @mattchandler, any upadte on this?


    Dani aka "Mr.Dojo"

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  • @DaniBoy thanks for reaching out. @StevenC is over this team now and would be the best to provide an update.

    Matt Chandler
  • ANy updates? Seems to be a worthwhile addition....

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