Is there a way to add a date to workbench update

Is there a way to add a schema column for date for when the data was sent over?


From what I've seen, this is not possible, but there may be an optinon I missed or a workaround with SQL


For example, the Google Analytics connector adds a _BATCH_LAST_RUN_ column, which is similar to what I want but for workbench jobs. This would indicate when the data came through, which would be very beneficial for datasets without dates. I could use this date for trending analysis. 


Say I have a dataset come through daily like this:

New York City2


The next  day, it comes through like this:

New York City4


If I append the data, it will be like this:

New York City2
New York City4


There is no way to differentiate the days each row came through.


My ideal state would be every update, it would be something like this:

New York City211/1/2016
New York City411/2/2016

Best Answer

  • You can use the Workbench transformations to add a column that inserts the current date. This should give you the date column you're looking to add.




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