Page Analyzer: PDP Policies & Applying to all data sets

In the current set up when I select a policy although the same across all data sets it does not give you the option to select which data sets to apply and/or apply to all data sets.  Therefore, for a user that is assigned to multiple policies it requires them to toggle between all data sets on a page and select the policy for each.  A suggestion is to allow the user to select which data sets to apply the same policy to and have the option to apply to all data sets.  Second, also relative to the same is to show an icon on the cards in which the PDP policy was applied.  It isn't clear to the end user which cards the selected policy applied to.  This set up could be similar to how the sticky filters work.  Visually, I wish it was easier for the end user to come into the page and just with one click select the view they want to see, or show them which view they are seeing for those who are assigned to only 1 policy.




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  • Yes - I agree! the filters are really confusing and if you have several of them, there is no easy way to see how cards/pages are currently filtered. This is also a problem when exporting data. Filtered on what?



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    Thank you for submitting this @SJ. I am assigning to our product manager@product_John to review and comment.

  • @ckwright can you take a look at this one please?  Thanks

  • Our team is taking a look at this with Page Filters capabilities. 

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