Zoom in on the US county map?

We're a regional business. Wondering if it's possible to narrow in on the US Counties Map card to show a smaller area. Thanks! 




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    There's a drill path method you can use where you start with a US State map first, click a state, have a county map as the drill path (which zooms to the state and shows metrics by county), and you can further drill to zip code from there to see zips by county.  That's pretty helpful.  It doesn't show top-level counties, but it 'zooms', and it's a pretty common use-case.

    But a US-wide county map won't zoom to a particular area automatically when values are centralized around a small area.  You can use the lat/long map for that.  The exact feature you're asking about has been suggested in the Ideas Exchange board as well, where you can go upvote it for more attention:


    MajorDomo @ Merit Medical

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