Derived Metrics/Using one Beast mode calculation inside another



I would like to request this feature because a lot of times we want to re-use a beast mode calculation in another beast mode calculation.Similar to derived metrics in BI.


If an idea similar to this one was already posted. Feel free to close this as a duplicate.



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  • If you create a Beast Mode, click the button to save the Beast Mode to DataSet.


    Whether you are creating a second Beast Mode in the same card, or in a different one based on the same dataset, you should be able to see/select the first Beast Mode in the field list which will embed it in your second Beast Mode (though it will reflect in detail - the full text of the original Beast Mode script, not just `the name`).  


    Keep in mind, though, how SQL parses a record set... it's either looking at a single row (horizontal), or it's looking at a single column (vertical - e.g., count of all records), but at a particular intersection you won't be able to apply a vertical aggregated result to a horizontal record row.  Effectively, it would be looking at itself.

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