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Would like to see an area where I can manage ALL of our Beast Mode calculations. We currently have to edit a card in each of our datasources. In the Admin section under Datasources it would be nice to see the BeastMode calculations that have been created, how many cards are tied to them, etc. In case we need to change one, we know which cards are affected.

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  •  This would be very helpful, effectively having a Beast Mode library within our instance so I can access, review and not have to re-invent the wheel if one of my colleagues has already built something that would be useful to me.

  • This would fit in with my recent request to put an Alias with a Beast Mode Calculation.  As these calculations grow, having a way to track them to the auther would be great.  Having a library a bonus on top of that.  Our thought is to label a Beast mode Calclation something like:




    In the build of a card, you could see what is a calc and what was brought in and all Calcs grouped together.  The initials at the end would tell youauthor and a Library would allow for easy access and editing.  To do this, an Alias ability for Beast Mode Calcs would be needed.

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  • Thank you for your suggestion.  This has been submitted to our engineering team through ticket # DOMO-37785

  • @StevenC can you take a look at this please?

  • Another user recommended an Admin page for managing beast modes, we are looking into this request. 

  • This would be a fantastic addition.


    Beastmode owners and where used is an important item with this.  The other feature that would be ideal is to have an edit and rename function. 


    Finally having a favorites function and or a "promote to library" function so that it would enable easy reuse of the calculation code or the beastmode all together.

  • This would be great! I'm trying to clean up beast modes, and we have a lot of duplicates - so want to see which are tied to which card so I can consolidate and edit the cards affected easily.

  • @btm Can you provide an update on this one? Thanks!

  • Thank you @DaniBoy for following up on this.  This is a huge time investment today.

  • Upvoted and would love to see this.



  • This idea is great. Plus add to that a beast mode version control feature to visualyse previous version and make version rollback.

  • Would love to see this implemented!!

  • It would also be useful to have a way to to validate beast modes in bulk. Sometimes beast modes become invalid over time as the data changes, and this stops you from saving the card in any way. If you have a lot of beast modes, then it is a tedious and laborious task to find which one isn't valid anymore.


  • Are there any updates to this request, it was submitted over 2 years ago and upvoted 74x but still not seeing where it has been implemented? As everyone's said, this would be super helpful for a variety of reasons and would seem to be a no-brainer to add for users to make our lives a lot simpler!


    Additionally, many of the suggestions after the initial submission would also add value to this idea, namely the ones by goodwla on ‎03-24-2016 and bwardell on ‎08-11-2017. In lieu of any type of update regarding this, I'm sure many are hopeful it's going to be part of the next big release!

  • @John-Peddle,


    Thanks for the comment here.


    I have escalated this internally and will update the thread shortly. Thank you for your patience and everyone else who has contributed here. Engineers are hard at work developing Domo product enhancements. 


    Stay tuned.


  • Thanks, @DaniBoy, much appreciated! One more quick question: has there been a request for a Beast Mode repository where users could view, and adjust accordingly, Beast modes that are generated by other users? Is something like this already available? Thanks!



  • Hi all, 

    In the last four months or so, It has come to our companies attention that there is a limit to the number of columns one dataset can handle (1,500). We were unaware of this issue, it has since snowballed into numerous issues, one being EXTREMLY slow load times on the analyzer tool. I would like to bring this issue to everyone’s attention because is also related to duplicate beastmodes.


    DOMO support informed us that when you open a card in the Analyzer; DOMO calculates every beastmode on the dataset simultaneously. We were previously informed that the slow load times were due to the column limit. However, this is not the case. The problem is DOMO is calculating every one of our 100+ beastmodes simultaneously regardless of its use in the card. For uniformity purposes, we have a practice of sharing every calc to the dataset. 


    We (the DOMO-User community) have no way of managing beastmode calculations. My manager @mbelmont has brought up an idea for a management tool in a previous idea on the exchang HERE  called "BeastMode Maintenance Page".


    My above idea for beastmode descriptions could be a great improvement. Question: What will happen when everyone starts creating various duplicate/similar beastmodes with slight variances? My fear is you two will all experience the same slowness issue we are Regardless of the number of columns.


    Anyone experiencing similar issues, or related issues, reach out and comment on this thread. 



  • @StevenC


    Please provide an update on this hot idea!


  • @StevenC


    Please review these comments.


    @D_PRC Thank you for bringing this to our attention I would like to combine this with the original idea from @mbelmont to get better traction. All of the comments and votes will be consolidated.


    I am escalating this today to see where we can go with this.


    Thanks for your patience!


  • This process does not seem to be working.  I submittd this idea almost 3 years ago now and have mentioned it several time to engeering and support.  There have been a TON of comments on this and lots of interest and even a comment that it made it into engineering, but still it is like a black hole.


    Domo team, is this as expected? @adamlandefeld



  • @goodwla,


    Thank you for chiming in again on this idea and emphasizing its importance. I hear you and will be speaking directly with the product team to get a better picture on where this resides.


    The process is not broken but certainly can be improved. We have delivered on almost 20% of all ideas to date. While that is good news for some it also doesn't guarantee that all ideas will come to fruition. 


    Having said that this is one of the most supported ideas in Dojo that we have not implemented to date and all of the comments and customers represented are very important to us.


    I will personally own tracking this one with regular updates and hope I can share better news shortly.



  •  @ckwright @user005904 please have a look!

  • The new Governance datasets include a table containing all the beast modes in your instance.  It's fantastic!!!  Just search Governance in the App Store.  

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  • Check out the newly released governance datasets to see all of the Beast Mode calculations in your instance!


    Kudos to @DataMaven for calling this out.


    Appreciate everyone's patience on this!


    CC @codysirwin 

  • Thanks @DataMaven  - I'm having a hard time finding this specific data though.  I got the 4D Governance and Bulk Administration apps added to my instance, but still can't find the beastmode data.  


    Am I looking in the wrong place?

  • Try using this link, but swap out 'company' in the url.  If you don't find it, ask your Domo rep to get you access to it.  It's possible that it's not available to everyone yet.  



    Domo Governance.png

    Domo Governance.pngbeast modes.png



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  • @DataMaven  Got it and works as expected, thanks!!

  • Thanks @DataMaven !  


    This is great.  

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