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I found a nice video on the Percent of Total bar graph but when I use it I don't seem to have the same options for including various series of data as the values / goals etc.  The video shows a Actual Value data series and a Target Value data series but I don't see any graph that performs that way. 


What I'm trying to do...

I have a text column that shows whether a quality measure was 'Met' or 'Not Met'.  I want to show a bar graph of how often we met the goal as a percentage of total (met + not met).  I created a beast mode column that has a 1 for every time we Met the goal.  I created a second beast mode column that has a 1 for ever opportunity (met + not met).  What I want to do now is show my Met column divided by my Total column in a bar graph


While I'm asking - the next step is to repeat this for several measures so I can show whether Bob met quality measure 1, 2, 3, 4 etc.


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    Hi @cyork21 it looks like you might be using a different chart than what is being demonstrated in the video. Can you double check the chart type you're using? It should be a "Bullet" chart (highlighted below).





    Please let me know if this does not answer your question.


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