Additional login history metrics

It would be great if DOMO captured additional user login metrics similar to what Salesforce tracks, such as:


IP Address



Operating System




This would help us troubleshoot issues with cards, etc., especially if they are potentially browser specific.

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  • I can see that this data exists in the Admin Activity logs, but I would more specifically like to be able to report on this via the DomoMetrics dataset.

  • Hello - If you search connectors for 'Governance', you will find a new connector with a whole host of datasets available, including user activity.  One word of caution on these datasets.  If you wish to do any manipulations of date in magic ETL, it will give you the wrong date-time information.  The reason is complicated, and has to do with the system assumption that the data uses time zone UTC, but it does not.  If you run into this, please feel free to post on the Dojo and tag me.  I'll dig up the code.  


    I'm in the process of changing jobs, so things aren't at my fingertips, but I am happy to help.  (Plus could use more solutions in my metrics!)

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