salesforce api method?


I'm diagnosing a Salesforce performance issue. My SF admin has asked me to identify which API methods DOMO may use to access salesforce, i.e. Bulk, Soap,Rest.




can anyone shed light? 

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  • willb
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    The Salesforce connector pulls CRM and other data from the Salesforce REST API. Salesforce allows for data to be extracted via REST in JSON format by accessing the available endpoints.


    Feel free to reply with any additonal questions.


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  • Hi all,

    Can anybody help @DennisL out?


  • Hi Will,



    When we run into API call count hourly or daily limits in our SF instance, our SF Admins ask all of the heavy users to evaluate their respective call counts and find ways to trim them down.


    I've got 28 SF datasets setup, each running anywhere between 1x-96x daily.  Let's imagine that worst case, they were each running every 15 minutes.  That'd be 96queries*28datasets=2688calls.  What I cannot figure out is why the account that I use to connect to Domo is averaging 37,000 API calls per day.


    Would the build type of a SF dataset impact the API call count?  (perhaps a report driven query versus a raw SOQL query impact call count differently)  Or should the Domo-related call count be closer to 3000 regardless?  (would suggest that my account is likely being used as service account for other API related actions taking place on the SF backend)


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  • (Rows of data pulled per dataset run / 2000) * number of runs per day = Approximate API Calls

  • @user010404 how did you come up with divided by 2000 to find the approximate API calls?