R - DomoR::list_ds() - Not returning all Dataset

I have noticed that the DomoR::list_ds() command does not return all datasets. I was wondeting why this is happening is there something that needs to be done get all the datasets to return ? I have also tried different access level including Admin, and same results. While the datasets that are not listed can be retrieved via DomoR::Fetch(guid).


Please let me know how I can resolved this, or if I should modify something in the DomoR library ;).


PS: https://github.com/vbs1/readr allows to use DomoR without having to downgrade Httr, I corrected the problem that was causing it, and submitted a pull request to the main Readr github.

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  • RyanWilson
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    Try adding the keyword argument limit=0
    so like:

    When the limit kwarg is less than 1 it returns all datasets per the function help data


  • guess this is why


    list_ds has a max limit of 50. I guess by filtering using owner_id, or data_provider I may be able to automate the extraction.


    Why the max limit? Could the default be 50, but not impose the limit. I want 500 rows I should be able to get that. Or does it cause some kind of issue for the Domo servers?



  • I tried to pull up the help from R but nothing. I should have thought of the common 0 gets everything. Thank you ?



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