Side-by-Side View of Multiple Cards Like a Retail Site's Compare Products Feature

Was reviewing some related results in a couple of different cards with an internal customer this morning, and it occurred to me how nice it would be if Domo offered something similar to what I think of as the "Compare" feature on a retail site.  I am looking at two related cards, but I want both to be Active so that I can see them larger, drill-down, apply analyzer, etc.  Think about if each card on the default page view had a little checkbox so that I could multi-select 2 or 3 cards on a page (the larger your screen, higher your resolution, the more you could select) and then trigger them to all come to the front whereas today you can only go into one card at a time.  Now i can see two cards side-by-side (or more), just like shopping for a laptop or a toaster and trying to compare features.  


You could manually do this (as a user) by opening additional tabs, selecting different cards on each tab, extracting the tabs so that they float in individual windows, resizing the windows so that you can get them all to be the same size and in the order you want, etc... but by that point I've given up as it's required too much setup effort to get the comparative views I want.


I could see the functionality working for cards on the same page... it would be really slick if, beyond figuring out this functionality in the first place, you could figure out how to allow multi-select of cards off of different pages (assuming a user knew what card they wanted and could navigate a page/card tree to select it).

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  • My users would LOVE this!


    For a first pass at this, maybe you can select cards that live on the same page the same way you bring things in/out of a publication. 


    But ultimately, comparing things across different pages would be huge.

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  • This is a great idea! Another way of accomplishing this would be if we had the ability to embed dashboards within other dashboards. That way, we could have one card that contains three cards on it. It could even allow the filters to work across all dashboards on that card. 

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    Thank you for submitting this @ckatzman. I am assigning to our product manager @ckwright to review and comment.

  • @ckatzman Love this idea, we will review this with the team. Thanks

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