How do I order days of the week correctly on a card?

I have a card that calculates which days of the week have the most phone calls, so we can optimize our Customer Service Reps.  The data source has the day of the week a call was placed, but when I add them to the card, they show up alphabetical, or the day that has the most calls, but not in week order.


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    you need to bring a date field into the sort option box and select ascending order.


    now, if you have a day of the week field as text that shows Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday etc

    what you can do is to create a beastmode and use it for the sort option


    the beastmode would be like this:


    When `YourTextField` = 'Monday' Then 1

    When `YourTextField` = 'Tuesday' Then 2

    When `YourTextField` = 'Wednesday' Then 3

    When `YourTextField` = 'Thursday' Then 4

    When `YourTextField` = 'Friday' Then 5

    When `YourTextField` = 'Saturday' Then 6

    When `YourTextField` = 'Sunday' Then 7




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