Dataflow / MagicETL Security

It would be helpful to have the ability to set view/edit/hide settings on dataflows.  For example, we're running into issues where Person A creates a set of dataflows (Magic ETL) and walks away a happy customers but later Person B comes in and makes a change to one of Person A's dataflows... Havok ensues.  


It would be great if Person A could lock down the ability for others to edit his Magic ETLs... 

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    Thank you for submitting this @TheDataGuy. I am assigning to our product manager @StevenC to review and comment.

  • @TheDataGuy I totally get where you are coming from.  One of the things we are looking at is to improve things around Dataflows permissions.  Meaning, who can access the flow and make edits.  Just becasue you have access to the data at the card level does not mean you should be editing the DataFlow.  We working to allow the DataFlow owner to share or restrict the Flow with other users.  This, combined with better tracking around edits, should provide you with more insight.  These are projects that are in process as we speak. ?

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