Existing Data Flow and its data set objects ( cards view issue )

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   Recentely I created a Domo Dataflow and created output datasets. Lets say I have a Domo dataset using that I have created data flow and ultimately created 3 datasets 


For instance, 



My main dataset is let say "MainDS" from this via Dataflow I created subsets(Datasets)  like "Dataset1" , "Dataset2" , "Dataset3" and so on. I used the first subset "Dataset1" and created the card and later I created the drilldows taking the second and thrid dataset. Everything working when I'm drilling down from from main view or card to the lowest level where the lowest level card that uses "Dataset3".


   Now, the problem is when this card is shared to end users, they are able to see the first card/view and from there when they click on the bar ideally it should take then to next level or view and in fact it is not. Nothing is showing up. If we click on edit card icon on the page "There is an issue while displaying the dataset". So that mean they are not able to goto next level from the main card. Where as I'm not seeing that if I'm browsing it.


  Please let me know when I'm able to drill down to lowest level why can not they? I have now enabled PDP on the subsets dataset like "Dataset2" and "Dataset3" and added people to the defaul entitilement policy thinking that they should be able to see the data but yes, would like to hear from you what would be the reason for the same.


Thank you!


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    Just a guess here but it sounds like they don't have permission to see the dataset.  I'm surprised adding a PDP policy didn't resolve that.

    Run a test by creating a generic card for dataset2 and share that card with one of your people.  Have that person then try to drill in the original card to the drill path into dataset2.  If that works, then you'll know the issue was no dataset access.  And if that's the case, file a ticket with Support.  It would seem like an oversight.  All drill datasets should be shared when a card is shared.

    MajorDomo @ Merit Medical

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