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Will participant level users be able to favorite cards and set up alerts? From what we have seen, this is not available to them, greatly diminishing their Domo experience.

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    The features you've described are not currently available with publication groups. There have been a lot of upvotes on the post in the ideas exchange about this and the product team is looking into it.


    In the meantime, I want to clarify something about PDP that might make things work out better for you. There is no problem with using PDP on the output of a dataflow. It just shouldn't be used on an input to a dataflow. What this means is that whatever dataset you are using to power the cards on the page you are using for your publication group could have PDP applied unless you are using it as an input to another dataflow as well. Switching to PDP instead of publication groups would give your users the ability to favorite and create alerts on the cards you share with them.


    Here's the link to the existing idea:


    From the thread it appears that this may be coming soon.




  • Are you using publication groups or PDP to limit/distribute content?  We had the same issue when we used Publication Groups to distribute.  Since moving to PDP Favorites, Alerts etc. are available to all users.

  • Hi McSwag,


     A user with "Participant" level access should be able to do both of those things. For your reference here is an article containing a matrix with user security roles that lists their permissions:



    Are you certain your user has "Participant" level access? 


  • I was unclear: meant can we do this when the participant has their data filtered via publication groups. 

    Because we are utilizing DataFlows, PDP is not a viable option. Our participants cannot set alerts or favorite cards that are filtered via the publication group.

  • @zcameron 

    Thanks for the heads up. Based on your comments, our team is eager to investigate PDP again, as we thought this was a better option in the first place.

  • @zcameron from what I can see, a data flow is something that I am able to set a PDP policy on the output dataset, however a data fusion I cannot. Know if there is any plans for that to be changed?

  • From what I understand, I believe the long-term intent is for data fusions to inherit their pdp policies from parent datasets (we have one dataset that determines all pdp policies).  I'm told some time between now and the user conference this should be up and running.  We've enjoyed data fusion for simple joins as it runs much faster than all other options in DOMO, but the no pdp piece is a drawback.

  • a drawback indeed.