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When creating a dashboard for a client, I apply the same segmentation (series) to several cards. In order to be consistent and help the client to visualize the results, it would be great if we could assign the SAME COLOR CODING for each specific segmentation. 

For example, when plotting results from media channels in different cards, I would like to be able to assign in all of them the blue color to Facebook, green to Twitter, etc, in order to be consistent.

For instance, an idea could be that in the "color" option of the "chart properties" box it could show the actual value of the series instead of "series 1", "series 2", etc.  

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    Thank you for submitting this @iresanjogar. I am assigning to our product manager @Gavatar to review and comment.

  • We are working on this ability right now. It will allow you to set a color for any series value/name (target is always red, facebook is always blue...). This will be set at the dataset level so every card that you build using that dataset will use this color mapping. You will be able to choose to use or not use the mappings on each individual card. 


  • Any update on the progress of this functionality?  I am running into some major issues caused by this limitation.  I have a red/yellow/green score and the data is updated monthly and will not always have a data point that falls within the full spectrum of red/yellow/green.  Therefore if I define my first series as green in color but don't have a 'green' score in the dataset that month my yellow scores will be in green color.  Also impacts drill paths (i.e. select my 'red' and in my drilldown they are now green since that is the first series.

  • Following as this is also causing me quite a headache. 

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    Any update on a release date for this feature?


  • I'm also interested in getting updates on this feature seeing that it's a constant issue I run into for my cards. Is there a set date for its release?

  • It is in beta now. It is scheduled for general release in August.


  • @Gavatar Thank you!


    To all please keep an eye on the release notes which can be found here.





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