Boxplot & Histogram Charts

The boxplot and histogram chart types are the ones that I'd use most often but I almost always get a "Warning: Not all the data is shown" error, which leads me to believe that Domo is unable to handle the volume of records I'm trying to plot. 



  • Just curious what the volume of records you are trying to plot is.  Do you get the restriction when you plot a decreased volume?


  • I'll try to find an example, but yes, if I decrease the volume it no longer becomes an issue. Though it's rare that my dataset is small enough.


    Related to Boxplot, if there could be a new Beastmode function that can calculate Median and Percentiles, that could accomplish the similar goal as the boxplot.

  • Great idea. There are several formulas available, but you may be able to do that in SLQ in a data flow as well.  If you have SLQ experience or know someone who is they could help with this, or you can reach out to Domo Support.


  • Was there ever a solution to this?  I have the same issue, in fact DOMO doesn't pull in certain dates for whatever reason.  The data is all there, I have my card limited to 10 day's worth of data and there are still issues.  So I have the "Warning: Not all the data is shown" message with days on the card left blank.  How would doing this in sql enable the use of box plot visuals?  I can easily do columns to identify the NTILE in the data set, along with the high and low points, but the end users really like the box plot view.

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