Customize dashboards for different reporting personas using PDP

I created a unique dashboard that is meant to be used by different reporting personas. We chose the persona with the highest access level to define the cards and their drill-down views.

Then, we applied customized PDP according to the other reporting personas (manager, department director, etc) to all datasets that power the dashboard. 

My question is: using PDP, could we remove from the dashboard those cards that are not meaningful for a particular low-access level reporting persona as well as certain drill-down views without altering the original dashboard? Currently, I remove access from a card to a specific Domo user (associated to a reporting persona) through the "Admin setting", removing a specific card from the "Access to Content -> Cards" section, but this doesn't work for drill-down view. Any idea on how to customize a unique darsboard for different reporting personas? 

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    Removing cards or drill downs isn't something that you can use PDP for.  All PDP does is restrict access to the data, it has no impact on the cards or drill downs.


    It sounds like the current process your using to customize the dashboard by removing access through Admin settings isn't ideal.  I'm not completely sure how many personas you have nor how many users that fall into each persona but one thought I had was to have different subpages for each persona, then you don't have to worry about having blank cards/drill downs because you could customize it for each persona.


    So for example you'd have one subpage called "Executive" or something like that which would have all the applicable cards.  Then you'd have another called "Manager" which would probably have less cards, or maybe just different cards and so on with the other personas.  The underlying data is still protected by PDP and then each user get's a customized experience with the dashboard only poplulated by cards & drill downs applicable to their role.


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    For what it's worth, we have pages for personas as well as PDP/Publication groups in place.

    The execs have their page and can see everything.

    The managers have their page, with slightly different cards, and can only see their own segment.

    The reps can see the reps page, again with slightly different cards, and can only see their own, individual values.


    We've found, for our case anyway, that these audiences/personas often don't want or need to see exactly the same information presented exactly the same way as the other groups, so the dashboards really end up morphing into different dashoards over time anyway.

    MajorDomo @ Merit Medical

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  • Thanks for your message. We thought about this option as well, but ideally we would like to maintain only one collection of cards (a single sub-page) since creating different sub-pages for each reporting persona potentially would make the maintenance process more complex and arduous. However, I see the value of creating different sub-pages for each reporting persona and this might be the way to go, specially because when you copy a card in two different sub-pages and modify one of them, the modifications are present in both cards.

    Thanks for the input pnce again!

  • Thank you all for your input. I think creating a sub-page for each reporting persona seems to most appropriate and scalable solution to this use case. I will test it out in the following days. Thanks! 

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