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I have simple table view.  2 of the columns are aggregated from the same date field in the raw data.  One is min, the other is max.  However, when I view the card, both columns are labled as "Date_Of_Service"  If I try to give them a label, the label persists for both columns.


How can I give a different label to 2 different columns that aggregate from the same data element?

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    Hello mep321,


    Create 2 Beast Modes:

    1. MIN(`Date_Of_Service`)
    2. MAX(`Date_Of_Service`)

    Name each Beast Mode how you would like to see that value labeled on the card, then place the Beast Modes into the card in place of your current MIN and MAX columns.


    Beast Modes are treated as separate columns, so you will not experience the persistent labels issue that you see when placing the same column into the card twice (this issue has been logged, and will be corrected in a future Domo update).


    Please let us know when you are able to try the above, and if you have any further questions, or are good to go.



    Steve Cook

    Domo Technical Support

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