PDP Enhancement - User-Driven Row-Level Filtering

PDP is powerful, but we've found it's burdensome to manage vs. how we manage publication groups.  With publication groups, we can restrict access to where a column value equals a user's email address or name.  


That means that we can assign publication groups to a large group of users but only have to manage a single rule governing access -- that a column name equals each user's login info.


It'd be hugely useful if that functionality existed for PDP also.  Otherwise, if we want to use PDP in place of publication groups, then we have to manage a huge number of individual PDP policies for each end-user.



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    Thank you for submitting this @CFRyan. I am assigning to our product manager @JSharp to review and comment.

  • Thank you for your feedback. This is a fantastic idea, and something we have on our roadmap for sometime in the next 12-18mo. Thank you!

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