Brainstorming some Ideas for enhancements

Here are some Ideas I have been contemplating to recommend to DOMO, perhaps you will be able to more precisely flesh them out or it will spur your thoughts as well to add some others:


1. Add ability to see which datasets are used in any dataflows (the tab on the dataset will show “cards” )

2. Add more comprehensive complexity/ability to visualizations a. Ie: Graph hour, day, week, month, year in one graph 

3. Ability to copy an Alpha-Connector (or other connector)

4. Ability to copy a page/ sub-page

5. Ability to print out a linear tree of all datasets (sources, name, size etc.) with links to all dataflows and same for all dataflows.

6. Perhaps a DEFAULT (able to modify) more regimented naming convention – such as requiring one to enter the granularity and frequency of update on the dataset a. For Dataflows, include the dataset(s) name’s [or reference to], frequency of update, granularity, etc. b. Adding a BADGE to both datasets and dataflows a to signify approved by the admins for broader, widespread use i. Ability to filter down to only approved (badged) datasets/dataflows

7. When dealing with a dashboard powered by the same dataset, be able to modify all cards by selecting specific cards (ie: like deleting pictures in a cell phone) / or all cards and allowing filtering or sorting

8. Flexibility to custom size a card with the like of “pull arrows” on a computer

9. A repository for beast mode formulas, with their definition (explanation) – to allow for a new dataset to have beast modes more easily added to them. So when a dataset is created, we would have the ability to open this repository and select which beast modes we want in the dataset, instead of having to go one by one building and adding them in

10. A funnel visualization that can support more complex funnels; ie: Adobe Conversion funnels (which we have discussed in the past) this would allow us to visualize the progressive channeling of various KPI’s and changes made to them on our website (ie: Visits =>Product Views=>Cart Additions=> Orders=>Checkouts=>Revenue)


Let me knwo your thoughts or additional enhancements you can think of..

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  • Of your ideas, I would definately like to see 8 and 9.  The custom sizing would be great as I run into times when I want several graphs in a collection to be in one row, but because of the size choices, it goes to two rows.  I have also noticed that collections can end up looking different on different size monitors as well, so also some way to keep the displays consistent to what the originator wants to show as well. 


    As far as the repository for beast modes, that is a good suggestion.  You can currently make a beast mode available to the dataset so that it shows up whenever that data set is used, but haven't see a way to have it available to other datasets.

  • I'll add an 11. post script:


    11. Allow table visualizations to "wrap text" in the column name, this will provide for reduced column space (ie: when the name is largeer than the data within the column values) being used in the viualization and therefore allow for more information to be visualized. 

  • @AshfordMH


    Thank you for the detailed post. In order to effectively manage this and give the community the opportunity to vote for individual ideas it would be great if you could enter each of these as an individual idea. Did you have a chance to search through the ideas exchange to see if any of these have already been suggested?


    Any Domo customer can vote for these by clicking on the white arrow next to the idea.


    I will give you a vote now so that the product team can review.


    Keep the feedback coming!



    PS @btm @product_John have a look please.

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    Done. (mic-drop) 

    Smiley Happy
  • Thank you @AshfordMH!

  • btm



    Thank you for submitting this @AshfordMH. I am assigning to our product managers to review the following ideas and comment:



    1,5,6,7,9 - Assigned to @JonSharp

    2,10 - Assigned to @Gavatar

    3 - Assigned to @kamuela

    4,8 - Assigned to @product_John

    11- Assigned to @ckwright

  • @btm


    I believe he created individual idea submissions based on my feedback so they will need to be assigned as well. thx!

  • btm



    @DaniBoy - Thanks, I'll work on assigning.  This will definitely help with visibility into each feature request's status and feedback loop.  Thanks @AshfordMH for the great suggestions!

  • I like 1 a lot. We have a lot of confusion when we try to change/deleted/replace datasets and then dont know what flows we have destroyed... ?

  • Also if you want to up date your Dojo handle or username simply click on "My Settings" at the top of the page. When you first join Dojo you are now assigned a random user name. 


    Thanks for the comments!


  • 1. Definitely something we're considering
    5. This would be a great way to get a high-level view of everything in Domo. Does the Data Warehouse meet this need, or do you literally want to print it out (as in, on paper)?
    6. While I'm not sure we want to build the framework to enforce naming conventions, I love the idea of being able to mark a dataset as approved or certified--and this is definitely something we've been looking into.
    7. What kind of bulk actions would you want to perform on the cards built on that dataset? 
    9. I agree that we need better beastmode management. Both viewing, managing, modifying, etc. Great feedback!

  • @AshfordMH great seeing you in NY, please see the update on some of your ideas!

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