Funnel visualization that can support more complex funnels

Add A funnel visualization that can support more complex funnels; ie: Adobe Conversion funnels (which we have discussed in the past) this would allow us to visualize the progressive channeling of various KPI’s and changes made to them on our website (ie: Visits =>Product Views=>Cart Additions=> Orders=>Checkouts=>Revenue)


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    Thank you for submitting this @AshfordMH. I am assigning to our product manager @Gavatar to review and comment.

  • Thanks AshfordMH. Could you help me understand this request a little more? We can create a simple funnel chart that has these categories so what are you wanting to create?


  • Hey @Gavatar -


    I appreciate the follow up.


    Would love to see more of a flexible funnel so we can add in more metrics to analyze.



    In addition would be great to see the "fallout percentage" or "Percentage of" [the larger number above, and the partial group from that number that converted to the next step of the funnel] represented in between each stage of the funnel.


    Below is a picture I have from Adobe Omniture funnel as an example (had to scrub a little).


    Finally,  would also be great to have this in a Period over period format as below, with the changes for each stage of the funnel populated on the side as in Omniture.


    Would love to hear your thougths..





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