A tool to retrieve data across multiple datasets

Hi I posted this idea in another thread and was advised to post it here instead.


I'm looking for a solution for end users to search data across multiple DOMO datasets.

End users are not IT experts, but are familiar with SQL.


We can join multiple datasets using Dataflow, but this is to create a new dataset for permanent use and is not suitable for frequent one-shot data retrieval.


DOMO is essentially a data visualization tool, but DOMO is now becoming the data hub and has provided the APIs to access data stored in it.

It should make sense that DOMO has this capability.


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    Thank you for submitting this @yoshidadaisu01. I am assigning to our product manager @JSharp to review and comment.

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  • Hi @yoshidadaisu01 Thanks for the feedback. Are you envisioning searching for column names across datasets? Or actual values in the datasets? Can you give me an example for how you'd use it?



  • Hi, JSharp, Thank you for the response.


    I'm envisionning a GUI-based tool with which a user can construct a query with multiple datasets.

    A user can see the resultset immediately by running it.

    The tool helps the user find the fields of the source resultset and find the right selection criteria.


    UI of Magic is a bit close to what I'm thinking, but it isn't interactive and it creates a permanent data set.


    Am I clear?




  • @yoshidadaisu01 If you wouldn't want the result to be a DataSet, what would you use the result for? Just for data exploration? 

  • There will be a case where users don't want to create a permanent dataset, but want to do one-shot data extraction.

    The tool should have the function to export the result set to csv/excel files.

    Data exploration is also one of the use cases.



  • Ok, that makes more sense. There are a few things in the works that might move us towards what you're looking for. We'll keep you posted!

  • Do we have any updates?

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