Control who sees collection folders

Currently, If i have content on a page that lives in a Collection, every user sees that folder. Let's say I have 10 cards on a page, contained in two Collections.


If I want to restrict a user from seeing a card on my page, I can remove their access to that specific card, so two users can have access to the same page where one sees 10 cards and the other sees 5.


However, the Collection holding the 5 reports that are not seen by both users still shows up on the page for both -- so we end up with an empty folder for one user, which I think really exposes to that user that they are not privileged to see all the content available. 


Would love if Collections had the logic that Admins ALWAYS see the folders, but any other user only sees folders that have content within. 


Happy to show this via screen share if Domo folks want a case study.

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