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I have a suggestion please. Can you create a new Domo Metric with all datasets and their main attributes? Probably the same attributes displyed in the DataSets screen: "Name", "Description", "Owner", "Rows", "Columns", "Cards", "Last run" would be enough..


This will be very helpful for admins.




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  • Agree with Marina request. I vote for the same

  • thanks a lot @user00086, then please vote it by just clicking on the +1 sign next to the blue box in the left side corner. Smiley Happy much appreciated

  • btm



    Thank you for submitting this @mardefta. I am assigning to our product manager @JSharp to review and comment.

  • Awesome. Thanks @btm. This is a small thing, but could actually make a difference on how admins keep the datawarehouse clean and under control, so can't wait for it! Smiley Wink  

  • Hi @mardefta. Thanks for the feedback! How would you consume that data? Would being able to filter and search by those specific attributes solve this, or is there another way you'd like to consume the data?

  • Hi @JSharp, fsorry for the late reply. Fltering would be an improvement, but we would definitely want to consume the data in a few cards: by owner, by type, by data connector.. that would be our DWH status taken to the next level basically. It's true you have basic stats in the DWH screen, but there's no real analysis we can do with them or look back and see the progress. Also, the DOMO magic/ Data Source split is too high-level. Recently we did a thorough analysis - cleaning-up & improvements mainly and built our master datasets list from the ground up, but it's too difficult to maintain that process offline. Cc @ben_bar And I guess it woudl really make sense to have a similar dataset for dataflows as well since we're at it. And these 2 could then be unioned to give us the input datasets -> dataflow -> output datasets mapping. Smiley Happy 

  • We would like to see a natural hierarchy of data source, page, and card in the same Domo metric data set. Therefore, a user can decide to pull in data at the data source level, the page level, or the card level. And by having the hierarchy, the user can have an easier time drilling down to what they exactly need to pull into the card itself. 

  • I would like to use a dataset like this to analyze user behavior.  For example - Who has multiple datasets with the same name?  Who is pulling data in from what systems?  Who has a bunch of cards that haven't been looked at or datasets that haven't been touched?  


    Similarly, point-in-time reports on users and their profile info would be incredibly useful, including Domo Score.  

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  • Great suggestions, everyone. Thanks!

  • I would also like to have metrics on data flows including output data set, details on the last run (time to complete, number of records input and output), owner, last update date, create date.

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