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Hi Everybody, 


I am trying to create a graph from Excel, and I would like to show In the x axis the number of hours in a day. From 1, 2,3... to 24.


My excel already includes Hours title, and the values. 


But when I create the chart, the x axis for some reason are not in the rate order. Instead of having from 1 to 24 they get mixed.


When I click on the bottom that supposely changes the order of the X axis, no matter how many times I change it that it doesn't reach the right 1 to 24 order.


Anybody knows how can I fix this?

Thanks in advance. 

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  • Godiepi
    Godiepi 🟣
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    Bring your Hours title to the sorting box and select "no aggregation" in ascending order


    Screen Shot

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