Interactive (Zoom) Map for Zip Codes

In Power BI, you can create a map (powered through Bing, another product of Microsoft) that pinpoints zip codes and shows their prevalence in your data set by the size of the bubble used to mark that zip code (see below).


2017-01-10 08_23_33-Untitled - Power BI Desktop.png


You can zoom in or out on this map to get a better look at certain concentrations of zip codes for more detail. For a company that is only based in southwestern Ohio, this sort of map is much more useful and easy to read than the county and latitude/longitude maps currently available in Domo. These kinds of maps cannot provide the level of detail we need to be able to see where out customers are coming from. 


Domo should make a similar mapping option available for those who need this level of detail.



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    Thank you for submitting this @kbota. I am assigning to our product manager @Gavatar to review and comment.

  • Domo has a similar feature. It is called a lat-long map. It has an optional parameter to specify the size of the bubble. It also allows you to zoom in. Here is a sample:


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