Exclude all data from Current Month (in either Beast Mode or ETL)

My aim is to exclude all current month data.


I have tried to do this in ETL, however the date field filter doesn't appear to allow for "less than current month" - happy to take suggestions.


I have also tried in Beast Mode formula. I have successfully excluded data in other calculations using currentdate however am struggling to retain all data except for the current month.


Ideas very welcom, thanks.

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  • Godiepi
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    Hi Jonathan,


    I normally use beastmodes to apply as filters in the cards we build so that they don't show partial month, week or day data.


    Notice I use `TransactionDate` as my field driver and it is present in my data set (you can replace it with your field name)


    These are as follows:


    As of Last Month :

    WHEN (YEAR(`TransactionDate`)*100)+MONTH(`TransactionDate`)
    THEN 'NO'

    As of Last Week:

    on this one, the number 11 in the YEARWEEK function means our weeks go from sunday to saturday

    WHEN ((YEAR(`TransactionDate`)*100) + YEARWEEK(`TransactionDate`, 11))
    THEN 'YES'
    ELSE 'NO' END)

    As of Yesterday:

    WHEN `TransactionDate` = CURRENT_DATE()
    THEN 'No'
    ELSE 'Yes' END

    Hope this helps you


    Domo Arigato!

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