workbench data export to database

Hi: I am looking to get some help/documentation around using workbench to export domo data into files that can be eventually loaded into a database or using ODBC drivers to push data directly into the database.


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    Can anybody help out @jignshah?


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    Have you searched the Help Center where we have over 800 certified articles. Here is a link to the results when searching Workbench.


    @SamHoward may have more on this.




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  • Hello @jignshah,

    Our WorkBench tool is not designed to take data out of Domo. However, you can use our API to export your data out of Domo and then use it for whatever you need. Here is a link to our Documentation on how to use our API: This should give you all the information you need. I will follow up with you via email for the Domo Support Case you opened with this question.

    Thank you.

    Ashley Humpherys

    Domo Support

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