Filter on Labels in Page Analyzer

Use Case: Filter the data on a page with cards populated from multiple data sets. 


Pain/Example: Having to expand the data sets by replicating columns to be filtered to ensure the field names match across the data sets. (e.g. the employee field on one data set may match one of 3 employee fields [sales rep, sales manager, account manager, etc] on another data set. currently this would require (i) additional columns in one of the data sets, (ii) an additional beast mode field which is essentially identical to item i, or (iii) additional data sets, to ensure the field names can be used to cross section in each field instance).


Request: Allow the page analyzer to leverage the labels on the cards, rather than the data set field name, for filtering. This would eliminate this need to expand data sets, by simply renaming the labels on the cards for a specific page to make them match.


Benefit: Less bloat in the data stored, less overhead in managing data sets and data flows, quicker time to deploy a new dashboard, faster refresh times (especially for dataflows).


As we have scaled our use of Domo across several teams, this need has become critical.

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