Is there a way to copy a card on the same page?

I want to have linked copies of the same card on the same page, but in different collections. For example, I have a collection on my page that is just a series of survey question data in the order it appeared in the survey, and I have another collection that is strictly qualitative feedback. I want the same card to appear in both collections, on the same page, and stay linked. I know I can duplicate them on the same page, but then they are no longer linked. Is there a way to keep copies so that they stay linked together?  
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  • Has this been looked into at all? 

  • Hi,  I 'd like to know too.  I had to make a copy of the card and put in in the collection on the same page which is not a good idea since you have to remember to change both cards if you change one.  I know you can connect them, but would rather have the option to put the same card in different collections.  I have a card in my top collection as a key indicator, then in with the regular collection it's normally in.

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