Allow different numeric formats to be merged in ETL

Current status:

When using Data Append function, ETL treats different numeric formats as non-compatible (i.e. long, decimal, e.t.c) so when the same field in 2 different files has different format in each, it removes that variable from each file and adds 2 new variables:


File 1 (current year data): column "# of Orders" is decimal (because it has actual orders which are whole number  and forecasted ones which are decimal).

File 2 (past year data): column "# of Orders" is long (because it has only actual orders).


When you append file 1 on file 2, the ETL removes variable ORDERS from each file and creates variables: ORDR WHOLE NUMBER and ORDERS DECIMAL.


Desired Status:

When appending data, there is one format NUMERIC. Basically, get rid of LONG and DOUBLE formats when loading data, make DOUBLE a default.

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