Text to Columns for Multi-select Values

A lot of SaaS services (Salesforce, JIRA, etc...) store multi-select lists as semi-colon separated values within the same field.  As the product currently stands DOMO does not give users a way to analyze this data beyond identical selections.


Example: "Selection 1; Selection 2" and" Selection 1" are seen as separate text values rather.  This is not representative of the actual data where "Selection 1" has a count of 2 and "Selection 2" has a count of 1.


Allowing DOMO users to separate multi-select values into multiple columns would let us visualize and research the relationships between each multi-select value.  As things currently stand any multi-select value is incompatible with DOMO.

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  • I just ran into this myself.  That in the Magic ETL there's no text to columns option.  My plan for now is to create a calculated column using Beast Mode and use substring to make the split.  Not ideal though.

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