I can't create cards, or pages, is this a user permissions issue?

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Hello all, 


Is there a way for me to determine my user permissions? Or what role I've been set to? 


Currently I can do very little, for instance -- I cannot create a page (under "Manage Pages"), or any cards. This leads me to believe that I am set to the "Participant" status, or something else. However, I can edit cards that have been shared with me. Since I can't take the time to edit, or create test/example cards and emulate the information shared in Domo University, or information given to me by others (as I don't want to risk creating a mistake within that user's card), I am kind of stuck with just looking at the videos under the Help Center. 


Essentially, aside from the above questions, does this sound like a user permissions issue? To me it does, but I don't really know enough about the site to understand the dileniation between different roles. 

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    Sounds like a permission thing.  Here are the default options:

    editor rights.JPGparticipant rights.JPGpriv rights.JPG


    Admin, of course, can do everything.  The access level is granted on the People tab of the Admin Settings page, which you might not be able to see.


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