Beast Mode Sums not working, leading to strange sorting.

Hi there! I have 3 series made with Beast Mode:


Series 1 = sum(`a`) + sum(`b`) + sum(`c`)

Series 2 = sum(`d`) + sum(`e`) + sum(`f`)

Series 3 = sum(`a`) + sum(`b`) + sum(`c`) + sum(`d`) + sum(`e`) + sum(`f`)


I have Series 1 and Series 2 (blue and green) stacked on top of each other, and I'd like to sort by their combined totals. I try to do this by sorting by Series 3 (desc). However, if Series 1 or Series 2 is = 0 (e.g. there is no sum), then the calculated total is also 0. This leads to some strange sorting: For X-values where either Series 1 or Series 2 is 0 (no data for Series 1 or Series 2), the sorting is seemingly random. Do I need to check for 0s in my Beast Mode sum?


Thanks in advance!

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    I presume a - f are individual field values?  I presume you've created a distinct Beast Mode for Series 3 to sum all of the a - f values?  Are you creating a distinct beast mode calcs for your Series 1 & 2 results, or doing that as a CASE since the results a - c and d - f are mutually exclusive?


    Then in SORTING, are you adding Series 3 / SUM-DESC as your primary sort?


    If you are creating a single Beast Mode to handle Series 1 & 2, I would recomment doing them separately, and then bringing in both Series into your Values section.  They'll still stack with the correct card type selection.  Splitting them was the only way i was able to overcome this problem.

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