Visually Separate Line/Symbol from Bar Component

An option to automatically manipulate a Line/Symbol + Bar card's axes to visually separate each component would be tremendously helpful.  See the image at the bottom of this post for a better/visual understanding.


The current inability to always separate, via an option, the line/symbol portion of these types of cards is a significant hiccup in our company's capability to automate our reporting from start to finish.  The overall "look" of these types of cards is highly dependent on the previous data (moreso than other cards, see example below: an early large value for the line component pushes all later line values lower causing difficulty in reading their values).


These cards are for reporting to our clients, eventually showing up in powerpoint files (using the powerpoint plugin) alongside our insights in text, etc...  My point being that we can't use Domo's built-in card interactivity to help avoid the confusion.  The visual needs to be standalone.  Having to edit the line/symbol scale each month, instead of simply hitting the "Refresh Cards" button in PowerPoint, is a huge break in the chain of automation we have built.


An option to force the line/symbol component to the top third of the card with the bar component using the remaining space would be very helpful.  Thanks!


Chart Comparison.PNG

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    Thank you for submitting this @trawayMMC. I am assigning to our product manager @Gavatar to review and comment.

  • Thanks for the suggestion. This is a great use case.  It is similar to another use case we are considering for many card types where we will automatically add a calculated variance line. Both of these cases should have an option to more clearly separate the bars from the line(s).  We will work on some options to get this done. Meanwhile we have added a new option to the product in development that should help. It is to set a background fill and tranparency. This allows you to show the line and bar in overlapping space while still seeing the data label. 

    Here is your chart with this new option - using a white fill:

    variance visible.PNG


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