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Is there a way to display a Domo card in an external website?




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  • jtilby
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    Hi Osmara,


    The short answer is yes, it can be done.  To do this requires creating an I-frame to embed the Domo card in the other website.   There are a few things to consider when doing this so if you have a specific use case, I suggest reaching out to your CSM, Consultant, or our Suppport team.





  • it would be great to have the ability to embeed cards in webpages the same way we can embeed youtube videos.

  • Hi Jarrick,


    Thanks for replying!


    I tried wath you told me in a local test website, I put an iframe with an url from Domo and it's showing ok, but it's still displaying the top menu and it seems to be using my credentials. I'm guessing that I'll probably need a Publication Group to restrict access to other pages and SSO for the authentication part. Is that the way to go? Do you know if there are any knowledge articles about this that I can use as a guide?




  • Osmara,


    You are correct.  Unfortunately iframing is currently a fairly new process so there aren't a lot of resources on that topic now.  If this funtionality is somehting that is very important to you, I would suggest reaching out to your AE and asking them what options you might have (ie: engaging consulting, support, etc.).


    Hope this helps!



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