Creating a new data connector for Sizmek

So we are trying to create a new connect for a tool called Sizmek that hosts a lot of our client's data surrounding media.


While going through the Authentication process, I noticed that all of the examples are using httprequest.get as opposed to  The example code we have from Sizmek is using a POST request.  After some testing and tweaking, I think I got it to a place where we should be getting a connection to their API, in order to get their required sessionId.


However when I log the response I get back I am seeing the following error "Domo encountered an internal error proxying your request."  Can someone please help me figure out what this internal error could be.  I have attached a text file with our "authentication script" as it would be inserted into window of the "Configure user authentication" tab.


  • @ericpete can you or someone on the connector team take a look at this post?


  • Related question, if you don't mind my asking: can you tell me if you successfully pull the columns you want over from Sizmek? We are connected via an api key, but aren't seeing any of our custom reports in the available tables. I have a ticket open with Support, but wanted to see if another customer had seen this issue and gotten past it.

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  • @dkuchta_sandbox Domo has a beta version of a connector for Sizmek. Would you be interested in using it instead of building your own?  If so, send me a direct message with your email and I can send you details on how to use it.


    I will also try and get you some help with your question.





    I am no longer with Domo. Please @mention @Millhouse for connector specific questions.
  • @kamuela Can you help me as well? The reports in the screenshot below are not the reports we are trying to pull in. I had our CSM set up the connector Domo had established, and this is what came back.



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  • kamuela



    @RobynLinden unfortunately the API that Sizmek provides doesn't provide custom reports so we can't include those in the connector at this point.  It will require to Sizmek to update their API.

    I am no longer with Domo. Please @mention @Millhouse for connector specific questions.