Ability to define a relative date range

When setting the card date range, it would be great if you had the ability set a relative date range (e.g., a rolling 7-day period). For example, if I want to show the last 7 days, but excluding the current day (since it doesn't have complete data), I could set the range as between current day -1 to current day -8.
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  • This idea is great, just about half of our cards require a "Not today, week, month, quarter, half or year" filter in order to filter our incomplete data.
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    Thank you for submitting this @tleong. I am assigning to our product manager @ckwright to review and comment.

  • This would likely remove the ability to change the filtered range for the card but I believe this could be accomplished with a CASE WHEN in Beastmode.


    I am still learning the proper syntax but the logic would be along the lines of:

    CASE WHEN `Date Field` >= SYSDATE()-8 AND `Date Field` <= SYSDATE()-1 THEN 'Y' ELSE 'N' END


    What this would do is allow you to add a filter to the report for "Y" for this beastmode calculation which would be a rolling 7 days worth of data relative to the system date. This logic could be applied to any rolling date range. What it wont cover is Period to date calculations. That is something I am curious about; how to compare a specific date to the Fiscal (4-4-5) calendar and pull data relative to that Fiscal Period or Fiscal YTD. 




  • I am currently using a beast mode to accomplish what I want.  I was just wanting a systematic way  to do this since I never want to include the current day (since it's not a complete day).

  • For our 4-4-5 Fiscal calendar I had join a "Fiscal Calendar" data set to all of our data set in order to use, for example, "End of Quarter day" and so on to use in filters in order to exclude incomplete periods. 

    Again very tedious and the ability to manipulate the dates with the analyser gets dimished.



  • @tleong Thanks for this input on adding more Date Options to show only the dates you want. I will review with our team and provide an update when this feature is prioritized to start development. 

  • Adding the option to the currect date filter to select things like:

    Is not: "This Week"

    Is: "Last Month"

    instead of just hard dates, would make it go 99% of the way.


    It would be awesome for page filters and reports specially

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