Alphabetize criteria in Magic ETL

I love Magic ETL!


When I am making edits to an existing ETL, I would love the ability to alphabetize the criteria in the Edit Columns and Edit Data modules.


For example, if I were selecting columns: I may not have looked at the source data in a while, so I may not be immediately familiar with how the columns are ordered. I would love to be able to toggle the column names to sort A>Z so I can more easily skim for the word(s) I'm looking for. This would be helpful in the columns that have been selected, and those that are in the dropdown list for adding more. 


Another example, I use the Value Mapping a lot, to correct syntax errors (ex. Product a, Prd A, product A get mapped so they all say Product A). I would love to be able to toggle the mappings A>Z as well, so I can skim through to see what has been mapped so far.


Happy to show live examples if anyone from the product team wants to see some use cases.

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