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As an Admin, it would be helpful to be able to impersonate a user to test that some of the PDP policies I created are set up the way I intended them to be.


Currently, I have to check in with every single user for whom I have created a PDP and ask them to look at a specific card and tell me what they see. Instead, it would be nice to be able to toggle over to their view of a dataset or card so I can ensure they are only seeing what I want them to see and that nothing is missing.



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    Thank you for submitting this @kbota. I am assigning to our product manager @miken12r to review and comment.

  • Thanks for the suggestion. This is something that's on our roadmap for later in the year, so it's good to know there's interest! 

  • I cheat - I add myself to a Publication Group and then mimic what PDP options I have setup, it then shows up as a new page in my toolbar so that I can see what my PDP viewers would see.  Not a perfect solution, but it works as a work around.

  • btm



    @miken12r - let me know if the status should be different, but moving the status to Approved.  

  • Thanks for the workaround for the timebeing @JennFoster

  • miken12r



    Great suggestion!

  • Is this still on the roadmap?  Technically, I think we're later in the year.

  • For some additional information, what I'd also love to see is being able to send out an invitation, have the user accept and setup their account, but they initially go in to a sandbox mode where I, as the admin, have a chance to test their access and what they can see.  Then, have a switch that makes them "live".

  • Is this still on the roadmap, the impersonation feature would be hugely helpful during data source changes or system migrations for testing before release. 

  • I'd like to know the status as well.  We have to use one of our licenses for a test user that I'd rather assign to a valid user.

  • We were hoping to get this done already, but had some high priority items to complete. Definitely still on the roadmap. Sorry for the wait!

  • Is this still on the roadmap? Has a target delivery been defined?

  • @miken12r,


    Any update on this approved feature?


  • Following up as well.  We recently had a situation where a user could see more than their PDP policy allowed for some reason.  We could have caught the issue had impersonation been implemented.

  • Checking in again with @miken12r


    Any update on  this?



  • This would be an excellent feature.  Update?  Related to?: Login As

  • PacoTaco
    PacoTaco Roswell, GA 🟡

    This is a great idea and needed feature for admins to assist their end DOMO users.  Please bump this up on the roadmap if possible!

  • This is over two years in the making. Any traction on this yet?  Looks like a sufficient number of up votes too

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  • @miken12r can you shed some light on this one as you have been involved with it for sometime.


    A lot of votes and power users on this one.




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  • mkozai
    mkozai ⚪️

    Any update here?  we are using the "Trusted Attributes" to provision access and the only way for me to reasonably test this is to reprocess all the data with my email and then put it back. but then I can't ever do random spot checks to ensure it is reliably working.  Our CEO is very paranoid that sales reps will be able to see data of their peers. 


    we have this in SalesForce and we built this into our web app.  Exceptionally powerful.  



  • Resurrecting this thread. Any updates on this? This feature would be REALLY useful.

  • Any updates on this feature? We are closing in on three years since it has been approved.


  • Ashleigh
    Ashleigh Florida 🟣

    @kbota@avataraang @MasonG  If you create a card from your data you should be able to add a filter and select the PDP policies you want to view. 

  • PacoTaco
    PacoTaco Roswell, GA 🟡

    @Ashleigh:  That would work for a single instance of data, one-off review.  However, as an admin, I would like to be able to impersonate a user on a macro level so I can see all pages, dashboards, data sets, data flows, data etc. that they can see in same exact view that they have.  This would be tremendously helpful in troubleshooting any issues they run into with building out our processes, analysis and data architecture within DOMO.

  • Ashleigh
    Ashleigh Florida 🟣

    What about making test users with the same criteria as the users you are wanting to see the view for.

  • @Ashleigh That would work if you only have 1 or 2 different user types, but for our instance, we have different custom roles and dynamic groups with pdp policies, so creating a test user with the criteria for each different type of user would require more licenses than we have available. And you would have to work around the SSO to log in to those users, which is not great for security. It would be a lot more efficient and secure to just be able to do it all within your own admin user.

  • bigdatadojo2000
    bigdatadojo2000 St. George, Utah 🟠

    I'm going to throw my hat into the ring on this one too. We cannot test our end-users' views because we too use dynamic pdp built on SSO trusted attributes. Furthermore, it would be valuable if we could "log-in" as users to assess an end-user's overall Domo experience and visibility/data access.


    It is strange that this has been approved for 3 years without an update. @DaniBoy Any updates on when we can expect to see this? 

  • user055174
    user055174 Bucharest Romania ⚪️

    Hi, are there any updates on this feature?

  • Is there any update on this? Very good feature to have.

  • jaeW_at_Onyx
    jaeW_at_Onyx Budapest / Portland, OR 🔴

    this feature  has been around ... for a while.


    you can simulate the view of a dataset with a PDP policy applied (which is not the same as 'the view a user sees').  Capture.PNGCAPTURE2.PNG

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