Export to Power Point from a Drill Down

It would be very helpful to have Power Point available as an option to export to once you have started a drill path. Currently it is only available from the top level card. 

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    Thank you for submitting this @JFusselman. I am assigning to our product manager @ckwright to review and comment.

  • One of the selling points of Domo was the ability to use it in presentations.  Since we have a pretty stringent data vetting process, our sales teams use pre-existing cards for their customer reviews, but the ability to stick that card directly in their PowerPoint deck would be amazing.  


    Or, for those of us who are not on Mac, if we could access filters and drill downs from the PowerPoint plugin that would be a good workaround.  


    Also, we need a Mac version of the plugin.

  • @JFusselman Thanks for this feedback. I have added this request to our product radar for exporting to improve the experience. 

  • @ckwright That is great news. Thank you!

  • Any update on this one? A lot of our users build valuable insight within drilldowns and often screenshot it.Would be nice to actually be able to have the feature within drilldowns. 

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